Stress Test Your Finances

The recent rate rise was a timely reminder that the current very low interest rates are unlikely to last forever. Although the Bank of England predicts that further interest rate rises are likely to be small incremental steps, it makes sense to review your household expenditure now, to ensure you’ve budgeted for an increase in […]

Broker Vs Lender Direct

The fourth in a series of 4 videos featuring hits tips and useful information about mortgages.

Key To Mortgages

About Key To Mortgages

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Mind the life insurance gap!

Life Insurance

With household policies such as home insurance or car insurance, we’re all used to reviewing our cover on an annual basis. However, a life insurance policy can last a lot longer, potentially 20 or 30 years, and it goes without saying that over that time your lifestyle and therefore your cover requirements are likely to […]

What to expect in the mortgage market in 2020

2020 Mortgages

I’ll admit I don’t have a crystal ball that can predict what will happen in 2020. However, I do have over 20 years’ experience in the financial industry. This means that I have a good idea of what you need to be looking out for in the new year as a homeowner or someone looking […]

The latest Bournemouth property statistics


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reading some very contradictory news about the UK’s property market currently.  On the one hand, we have establishments such as the Financial Times predicting that house prices are forecast to fall under a no-deal Brexit. Elsewhere, figures are pointing to annual price growths as the demand for […]

How to keep your finances secure in 2020

Secure Finances

2019 was the year for scammers. The number of bank transfer scams in the UK increased by 40% in the year, with scammers stealing £616m from UK bank customers in just the first six months.  To make matters worse, the amount of money refunded to victims has fallen from 21% in 2018 to 19% in 2019. More […]

Are leasehold houses a good investment?

Leasehold Properties

Let me start by saying that as a professional mortgage broker, my job, first and foremost, is to find you the best mortgage offer to suit your lifestyle. Occasionally, clients ask me whether the property they are considering is a good investment. While I will always offer financial advice, my opinion remains impartial and the choice […]