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If you own your own home you’ll probably want to protect it against damage caused by fire flood or even subsidence. A buildings insurance policy will offer this protection so that your home can be repaired or even re-built in the event of damage. If you have a mortgage on your home the lender may make it a condition that you have buildings insurance in place.

Protecting your personal belongings is also important as the cost or replacing these can easily run in to the thousands of pounds. Just consider for one minute how much it would cost you to replace all of your white goods, TV audio and tech equipment, furniture, furnishings and clothing. By including contents insurance you’ll ensure your personal possessions are also protected against loss due to fire, flood or theft or even accidental damage.

There are many other additions available such as protecting your possessions whilst away from the home. So, whether you’re an owner occupier or landlord looking to protect your investment we highly recommend your seek independent advice to ensure you have the right insurance policy to protect what’s important to you. 

We cannot predict when, where or how the unthinkable will happen, but we can protect against it. A tailored protection solution for your individual needs will provide you and your family with peace mind that if the unspeakable does happen your home will be secure.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.